TV Installation Services


$299 including a Tilting Wall Mount*

$459 including a Tilting Wall Mount and wire concealment (including power relocation and a 12' in-wall hdmi cable)**


Flat, Fully Articulating and Custom Mounts also available.


*Standard Wall with wood or steel studs.  Concrete, Brick, or Tile may incur extra charges.

**Wire concealment vertically through a standard wood or steel studded wall.  Horizontal or fireplace concealment can be quoted with a free on-site consultation.




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Audovation's Install Services


Why we are different


Our goal is to provide the highest level of service at very reasonable prices.  Some of the things that sets us apart from other installation companies and retailers are:


  • We have been trained and certified by CEDIA and Media Dynamics.
  • We are very experienced in making things work and very easy to use. We've been doing this for many, many, many years and can explain techy things in less techy terms.
  • We only use materials and parts that are fully cUL certified.  This ensures that you are protected and the parts we use are of the highest quality.  When concealing wires in-wall, we only use CL2 or CL3 rated wires and cables.
  • We follow building code, electrical code and fire codes.  Nothing is more important than your safety!  We NEVER just put a power cord or any other dangerous materials in a wall... we do it right!
  • We are tidy and don't leave a mess!
  • We are very good at fishing wires without collateral damage to your home.  If you want all of your wires hidden and out of sight, we are your guys!